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Mother’s Day is all about gratitude…

Today our progeny and their own salute us, revere us ,cherish us, treasure us, thank us for the gift of life and learning to be the humans we have molded them to be.. But today I wish to salute my own flesh and blood and their flesh and blood and tell you I revere you, cherish you, treasure you, love you and thank you for the gift of motherhood.. To the bond of mother and child.. Priceless beyond measure..

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Blog, Lessons From My Mother

Don’t forget to remeber the little things…

Mom–THIS is what it was like for you and I.. For I remember… My first memories are of you holding me during Hurricane Hazel–singing to me and tickling me-to make me laugh… Farther down of you milking Bossy the cow and squirting me with warm milk–making me laugh… I remember you letting me stand on a chair and showing me how to peel potatoes–and hold the mixer to make cake batter– Jump to age 13 when i got braces and you made me green peppers stuffed with cottage cheese and other special lunches just for me– Then me as a mid teen when we used to sit on your bed on Sundays and read novels together…. And then how you helped me on my wedding day by throwing a grand soirée at the farm for the reception. .. And then how OROUD you were of me when your grandson, my first son, child of your child, come to us From there it was woman to woman—for you gave me that respect.. And I finally felt sooo grown up.. Until I was 29…you, only 49…and then you were gone.. Mothermurder Thank you–for being you… Your Pammy….Your J…

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November–my oxymoranic month…

I REALIZE YOU CAN’T like THIS POEM- PER SAY– But I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF AND TO HER TO HONOUR MY MOTHER every November 1st —AND HER LIFE AND UNTIMELY DEATH when she was only 49–me 29–IN words–as a writer and poet…. I know my siblings feel the same.. ALL I CAN ADD IS THIS.. WE DON’T Always get along with our moms..but— we must never take the lady who birthed us for granted.. or disregard her– or fail to love and cherish her.. For we never know how or when she will leave our lives forever… ~~~November –The Trickster Oh, November. You are back. The month of oxymoron and counterfeit happiness. Oh, yes I well remember the giddiness of it all when I was a kid; all pig-tailed, naive excitement. Childish dreams painted pictures in my fertile mind then, those decades ago. Dreams of the MOST fabulous gift ever in THIS birthday.. for FABULOUS was my word of the month when I was, say nine on this day. November 1st. My middle-brother and I share this month, birthday-wise. But he was and is such a giving soul That he always let me be singular in my cake selection. […]

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We are mothers, after all…

The second our own creations take their first breath, that momentous miracle that we fortunate ones get to experience, we wish them MUCH more than enough.. We WILL it! We will that it is a given. We wish them a gigantic curiosity and, even then as a newborn, we promise them the thrill and bliss of a loving, adventurous and fun family life. We wish them tolerance and humility; even in the sandbox with the other preschoolers. We wish them the excitement and anticipation of the day in their daily life..for all the decades they are allotted. For their eternity. We wish them both success AND failure; to allow them the growth needed to develop character…. so they will be ready for reality at 21. We wish them a safe childhood free of injury and disease. And assume it shall happen just so.. And into their adulthood, too, for, after all, we are mothers. We wish them love–deep, true, eternal love with their best friend. And a fulfilling career that is never ”a j.o.b.’ We wish them..MORE than enough. For, after all, we are mothers. Pamela Lee… May 8, 2016 @BoomerNovel

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