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An author’s Saturday…

I belong to a LinkedIn group called Books and Writers–the latest question being–“What book are you currently working on?” My answer….. Back in 2006 after an invasion of cancer, losing both breasts and fighting the good fight with chemo, I had a follow-up heart attack—for good measure..The heart attack was the catalyst. A sense of urgency set in–to write my mothers story.In her honour. She had been murdered back in 1978–and I didn’t want to die myself, without honouring her. I was GOING to write a small family chronicle –that was my intent..4 years later I came up for air with a million word manuscript on my hands–a roman-a-clef–circa 1954 thru 2009. Obviously, the tome was massively beyond palpable–so had to break it down to manageable bits..AS it is–I should have gone to 5 -6 books.. However–having no idea how to be an author and being too exhausted to write a single solidary word more, I DID find a stopping place and I published Book 1 Call me J-at 724 pages, last May. I am now at revisions/edit to page 334 of 420 in Book 2-Jwalking…with many, many readers of Book 1 waiting with bated breath! It is a slow […]

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Review panel

Evening, everyone….. Wow..the month of romance has flown by so quickly…Spring is right around the corner..a time for new beginnings.. I am happy to announce that a select panel within my circle of friends and family have been chosen to read one of the more dramatic chapters in “Call me j.”  My editor Trish, of TES Agency is busy culling potential publishers for the next round of submissions and our pre-publish panel is part of the strategy… Watch for updates as they happen… Onwards!!…. Pamela Lee  

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What’s the plan, Pam??

NOTHING stirs my blood more than breaking new ground, going against the grain, following my own rules..You will see, soon, that it’s what allowed Annie to do all of the things she did in life..Move forward with no fear. Nervousness, yes, for when you don’t have ‘stage fright’ venturing into new ground, you won’t try hard or long enough..But fear-no.. Willy my new pal, promoter guy, computer whiz and idea bouncer-off-er as often as contributor to the project and Trish my editor, just as much involved as Willy with the daily communique and answer seeking and, finally, myself  have together come to a place where we are going to break the rules..Do something different..It was Trish’s idea and I LOVED it immediately..It involves the time-frame to get a book self-published AND the total loss of control over your rightful property once you hand it over to a self publish or publishing, WE HAVE FOUND A WAY TO MAKE me HAPPY AND you HAPPY FOR I KNOW YOU ARE ALL sooo CUROUS AND ready to dive into this saga.. more news tomorrow…..

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