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Boomers vs Millennials- A LOT scarier than Mars vs Venus

Naomee The Sensual Senior Monthly Bluster #25 Hashtag? Hashtag? What the HECK is a hashtag, anyway? Hey there, strangers. Where have you been for 7 months? OK, ok. I admit it. I’m the guilty party, 100%. As the old song goes, life got in the way. There IS a song of that title, isn’t there? I digress. I’m Naomee. The sensual Senior. Pammy’s alter ego. And, by the way, Pammy is soooo on the same friggin’ page re the subject of my latest blog. Like WTH? Hashtag? On Trend? A.I? Boomers are dinosaurs? Oh, right. That’s another topic altogether, which I’ll address in a minute. F.Y.I. (an old fashioned hashtagy way of saying something. Similar to L.O.L or OMG!) I’m not hitting on the Sensual cylinder this episode of the “Monthly” Bluster so if you’re here for the juicy, you should maybe click on your next website you follow for the latest news on dildos or the next 50 shades of whatever. Annyvayssssss.. SQUIRREL! I am soooo distracted right now I can’t even stay on topic. I’ll chock it up to… Summertime easy livin’ syndrome. So. Re Pammy and her shared with me # confusion. It IS true she wrote […]

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