It’s a book that you can’t put down

From the moment I started reading Call Me J I was hooked. It’s a book that you can’t put down and don’t want to end savoring every moment in between. This crazy family will have you laughing, crying and your blood boiling within a few pages. Never before have I felt such a connection with a character as in Call Me J. When I got to the end I sat for a moment just taking in all of adventures, heartaches and celebrations Annie faced. The book is nicely written and from a first time author I found it easy to follow. I am definitely ready for the second book of this trilogy.

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She writes with her soul…

Pamela is wildly passionate about life, love and the pursuit of understanding. She writes with her soul and listens with her heart, ultimately creating an imprint on any one she reaches. a Gypsy at heart, a mother, a teacher and an accomplished novelist…Pamela is a very special kind of person

Rose Graham

This is a thick, juicy read.

Pamela Lee is one talented, deep, sincere, loving, happy human being who has faced some of the most horrific and most beautiful events that life can offer. WHAT a great testimony to LIFE itself! This is a thick, juicy read. One for all women to read…. heck, one for all PEOPLE to read!

Mermaid Morrigan

As I read—it felt as if I was there…

My name is Maria Estrella. one of Pam’s first readers…. I’ve had the pleasure to read nice guys finish last…. and through tears and sorrow when I first read it … reading it again , rehashed all the pain that was buried inside. My 16 year old cousin died in a tragic accident… they were drag racing in dirt road and one of the other drivers… so called friend…. would not slow down to let my cousin surpass him…. to avoid a head on collision with a oncoming car my cousin drove off the road and smashed into a treat , his body got thrown out of the car cause he had no seatbelt on and landed head first on the gravel ground. They couldn’t do much for him… he was brain dead… for years later my aunt went to where it happened… soon after he was laid to rest she went to the sight and got the stones with his blood on them… just like people were doing around the site where Eddie had his accident….. I can relate to Annie in so many ways…. she was the strong one in the family who held it together… struggling in… Read more “As I read—it felt as if I was there…”

Maria Estrella

Captivating and keeps you right in the moment

Pamela is amazing in so many ways. She is great with the details of life, which makes her writing skills so ‘right on’. She is a dedicated worker and so focused that she won’t stop until ‘it’s’ completed. Her first novel is captivating and keeps you right in the moment. A terrific read for all ages. I recommend Pamela, who is professional in many ways.

Catherine Cady
Expert Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Accomplished Author

Pamela is a very talented and detail oriented and recently published Novelist. Congratulations Pamela on your recent accomplishment. I have personally known Pamela for many years, she is the most caring and adventurous person I know. Also, a survivor and warrior of Cancer and other medical challenges that have made her even stronger in going for her goals. Onward and upward is her mantra and “Live Life Large”. I am so proud of everything Pamela has accomplished to date and look forward to the next trilogy of life that she will share with the world.

Donna Howlett
Orillia Business Women's Association

Way to go Pam!

While starting to read the novel I felt as though I was being transported back in time to my own childhood my own feelings I could not wait to se how things were going to turn out for Annie and me. Awesome book! Call Me J has captured so many hearts and minds. Like reading my life. Way to go Pam!

Bonnie Larkman
Owner operator Bonnie's Pilot Car & Hotshot Service

…a great novel

Pamela is a great self motivated person and know how to write a great novel

Ronald Godin
Tech Level 2 at Titan

A novelist to be reckoned with

Great write and she tells it with freshness. A novelist to be reckoned with.

Robertson Fernandez
Oil & Energy Professional

Truly inspiring

As a “reader” for Pamela’s first novel I discovered that she is an amazingly talented person. Her attention to detail is incredible. She had a a vision for this book and never wavered from that vision. She has managed to write a book that not only keeps you wanting to read but is also truly inspiring.

Martha Manfredi
Executive/Administrative Assistant

An incredible story teller

Pamela Lee is an incredible story teller. The fact that she is so ‘in tune’ to the world around her makes her observations stand out and reading her words makes you feel like you are part of her life and journey. I highly recommend her new novel ‘Call Me J’ as you will walk in her shoes and be transferred back to a simpler life in farmland Ontario. Hmmmm, was it really a simpler time? You won’t believe the twists and turns in this particular journey. Get the book to find out more and then spread the word for this amazing author!

Elizabeth Laplante
Ruby Realtor at Century 21 John DeVries Ltd

Your life has touched mine

I grab your chapters as soon as they arrive. I am so happy you have written your story! I read it before bed, on the bus, While making meals, and wether we ever meet or not I want you to know your life has touched mine. A devoted reader, Cathy Sorenson 2007

Cathy Sorenson

Supremely dedicated and brilliant writer

I highly and whole heartedly recommend Pamela as an author and supremely dedicated and brilliant writer. Here is the link to information about the the first volume of her brilliant and ambitious trilogy: I offer her my full confidence and support! Sincerely, Harry Steel R.M.T.less

Harry Steel
Registered Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Coach at the Canadian Back Institute

People need to read this book !!

Pamela is an extremely dedicated person in everything she applies herself to do. This newest venture, her novel, “Call Me J” is magnificent !! Years in the writing, it is an unbelievable accomplishment and one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. People need to read this book !! The hard copy of the novel or the kindle ebook. Believe me, you will not regret it !!

Jennifer McGarrigle

A Wonderful Sense of Adventure

Pamela is a self motivated writer who has a wonderful sense of adventure ….she is a creative person who projects that creativity into words…. love, love her sense of humour and her knowledge of life

Cath Epp
Cashier at Metro

I can’t wait for book #2!

This book is the offspring of Lucy Maude Montgomery  getting into bed with Ernest Hemingway… you will be “less innocent about life” once you get through Call me J,  this “FIRST” book by Pamela Lee. I can’t wait for book 2 to see what happens next to “J”. Some readers will understand when I say that this book starts off like “Fiddler on the Hoof”, then on to “Fiddler on the Woof”… and after a while “Fiddler on the “Gouffre” (Abyss), and to think that this only Book 1 !!!!

Ronald Fournier
Simultaneous Translator out of New Brunswick

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