Snowwalking on Spring Garden Road…….

Snowfall on a quiet Saturday night
…..the sound!!
It’s like shouting into an echoing canyon
and the already used, diminishing words
drop over and over, like raindrops, around you…
Or when the big fat cat walks across a high nap,
lazily flopping in the sunray-
and drags his tail, sensuously, as he smiles…..…
It’s like the nibbling on cotton candy
and last sizzles of the steak on the grill..sssssssssssss…
or running white beach sand through the sifter..or the pan..
It reminds me of
the pop-pop-pop of champagne bubbles.,
the whisper of a gentle breeze in fall russet
and the mare’s movement in the straw-bed
as she nudges her newborn to stand..
or the proud graduate
while she sits and paints her face
as her silvery gown rustles..
or the silk of ready-to-harvest corn
as it picks up the sands of time..
the thunder of your baby’s sigh
as she slumbers…
or the beating of your own heart
when your beloved touches your lips
with fingertips,
ever so gently…
Pamela Lee..
January, 2013..\

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