I just used it in a sentence,
this word we seldom have
to banter about
as we journal our day.
Walpole imagined the term back in
while playing with silly adult Fairy Tales.

And here we are.
Everyday, as it goes,
here we all are
hoping we will
jog off the beaten path
and fall into pleasant surprises
and accidental, fortunate discoveries.

For when we get to a point where
we are going through life
without those moments of
without those
moments of breathless abandon
and playful trust in a future
full of astonishment and fanciful encounters,
that is when we know we have reached adulthood.
and all the responsibility and woe that entails.

So one day a while back
I chose to ignore that moment in time
and, instead,
trust in Chance-
and a destiny full of childlike wonder.
One day I might grow up…
But that would only be…..

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