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Mornings-in unwanted solitude.

“Weekday–7 a.m.”

It’s the little things you miss..
The daily shot of adrenaline each morning
that gets the day started
as you share your YOU with your beloved..
It’s the knowing someone is there who cares.
Cares about your ups–downs and in between,..

Someone right THERE
to take life’s stresses unto himself or herself..
To share the burden of it all.

Someone who you can open up to and say
“GOD, yesterday was a killer at work!
But, Hon THIS happened to make it O.K.!”
Or to say..”
“OH, remember that big client?”
Because your beloved DOES remember ..
“well HE is coming to the shop today.
Wish me luck sweetheart!”
THAT kind of thing. That is what is missed
when you have no—other.

Having that someone else but yourself–
who actually CARES about the little things
that are important to you.

It is human nature to share life.
And just the slightest touch in love,
along with your morning coffee……
makes you feel gigantic…

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