In honour o the month o love—–A poem from my archives,,,,


How many ways
do we love, I ask..

I LOVE mashed potatoes
smothered in butter..
LOTS of pepper.
And reading/learning/listening to music;
sucking that stuff
into my soul
…and so on..
Oh, and how it makes me feel..

I LOVE the ocean,
my kids..
my dog, Bonnie
and I miss her so
my cream and lilac Volks Beetle-
the one I see in my dreams..

I LOVE when I achieved this AND that goal.
And I love ME for never giving up.

I LOVE the delicious feel
of satin on my skin,
bubble baths with him..
Baby elephants
and the abandoned laughter
of a passel of tween girls..

I love to see others discover
that THING that they had
within them all along
and what it does to me
to help them find it..

I LOVE that i have the freedom to love
whomever I allow into my heart..
and how the more I love
the more capacity I have to love,
no matter race, creed, station in life..
Gender, either.
Yes..I love to be bitten..

Let it sink it’s teeth into me soon..
THAT kind of love….
and let the power of love
flow through my veins……..
May 9, 2013

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