If you love someone, tell them. For we never know….

At Christmastime–and all year through, as I say on every one of my impromptu videos, if you love someone–show them and tell them..for we never know when that will be impossible..



For you Momma..

And friends Nancy and Bruce, Hanna.

And sister Sherry, too..

And now I must add my precious daughter Jennifer Mc..

How can that BE??

All departed much too early…

the world a better place

for the small time you were here.

50 years you didn’t see

except for you sis, and Hanna, too….

mid-50’s is all you were allotted.

Well past 200 years you left behind


in your legacy..

The footsteps you trod

were double the size

of the rest left

to mourn you…

and need you…

by Pamela Lee

December, 2016

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