Fall-the season of readiness.


Isn’t it true we find ourselves often waiting for happenstence when the month of orange arrives in our lives?

That season when the undeniable urge to ready ourselves for-whatever- is undeniably there first and foremost upon awakening each shorter day??

Summertime exhausted us in outdoor play and bold attitudes..

Winter—oh, la, that time of struggle and sad remorse about who-knows-what. That dirty word comes across our minds unbidden quite often on those cold and wet autumn afternoons when we think to ourselves “At LEAST it’s not snow!”

Yes, it is true that in quiet moments before daily life begins- in that gloomy-day coffee time when we are alone among many, we tend to reflect more.

To question, to doubt.

To begin the uphill battle of thriving over the harshness of the many hibernal days we northerners embrace..or abhor. finding it more and more difficult as more and more years add up.

In sourcing trendy quotes and words and fascinating tidbits on ‘coping’ when darkness descends.. . it dawned on me that we need not seek the soulwords of others to express our emotions on October One each year… for we feel the anxiety and angst of overwinter knocking on our door already.. Do we not? P. Lee.. October 1, 2013www.pamelaleeauthor.com

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