Declutter-so your kids don’t have to decide..


“Will you take a few

of Mom’s baubles and blankets.

Some seashells and cowbells
and macaroni pictures.
There IS one by YOU!

Oh, and her albums and
baby teeth; think those
are bro’s..

and baskets
and tickets and cards
not a few!!
Of Christmas and birthdays
and Valentine’s past..
from our Dad and step Dad
and, GOD, what a mass
of doo-dads and corniness.

But, still we should do……….”

“Oh sis, I can’t do that.

You KNOW there’s no room
with the kid’s stuff and
our stuff
and moving in June!

What’s that, you say?
Maybe Junior can take it??
NO WAY, Hose`!
HE’S never home,
and you KNOW his style.

No—he’d laugh like a loon
at the thought of having
her junk..
And this SOON!!.

No, sis. It has to be you.
YOU make the call
to St. Vincent de Paul.”

By Pamela Lee
Fed. 10. 2013..

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