I’m in here..
It’s out there.

Funny how rainy days
make us all feel the same.
Waxing poetic, wistful,
nostalgic and..
somehow protected..
from the harsh realities of
the genuine world.

It has a scent, rain;
clean, fresh, newborn.
Smiley faces happen
when it wafts…
and the SOUND of it beating
on glass, tent, your body?…
indescribable and undeniable..
CAN you deny it?

The taste??
Are you seaside-
or in an oasis in deep desert??

Touch it–
stand and drink in the sensation.
Does it bring you down–
or UP??

But, isn’t it true?
We FEEL it when we see it.
It places itself in our hearts yet again.
In sad remembrance–
or pure romance…

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  • Reply NICE - Paulie April 27, 2016 at 10:14 am

    love your poetry!

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