Circle Squared

Life’s a test, is it not??
One big, long, never-ending, evolving test.
All the study, the pressure,the stress and the struggle;
the begging our brain to suck it all up
and into the soul for our eternity..

All that knowledge, then experience;
the moments and minutes and hours of
agonies and ecstasies
we endure and embrace
in our eternity..

But SOMETIMES, just sometimes
we come across that subject that needs
no study, no late night vigils.
No tossing and turning and punching of pillows to fit us.
No sleepless year in one single night where
we WILL our minds to be at rest-as we second guess
those right answers.

For, finally, FINALLY
we have come to a course that
is PERFECT for US!!
Like a dream job,where we rush to ‘work’ each day
FULL of excitement and anticipation..

I passed my test last night. I did not fail..
Nor do I give myself a perfect score.
in the completion of this examination
of ‘it is what it is’..
as I see it, live it,
cherish and manifest..

TODAY, now that the answers
to the questions were passed to me
before the final test of it ALL!!
Now that the chain is linked and
complete and all is well with that
here in my OWN heart….

I can now breath again…
And live..

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