Christmas Quilt


They come in all colors,

all textures, all naps.

Some are soft,

but some are unpleasant

to touch.

Some are pliable,

some firm..

But, lo,

all in endless, ceaseless

shapes and sizes.

Some, there for decades,

some found just today.

Some make you cry with joy

Some with sorrow or fear..

Most with overwhelming love..

But ALL are vital pieces

of the quilt you have made

in your journey this life..

Your Christmas quilt.

YOU know it!!

The one

you pull out every December





To , once again,

allow you to wrap up in the cloak

of all those remnants…

all those collected moments of love,


Magnificent moments;

memories and blissful naivety

that the world is

a very good place to be..

Pamela Lee…December 25th, 2012

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