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Weaponry is a poem I wrote a couple years back..
On empowering ourselves in all the ways we can as females.
This poem was inspired from an observation I made one day of a simple pleasure; a fountain pen with turquoise ink..my favorite color. Why?

It makes a statement.


There is something grand, according to me,
of writing with flourish, with drama, with statement,
with purpose, with boldness, with no illusion;
right there for all to see.

It’s like wearing frilly under-panties,
all hidden
and tucked away.
Your secret, you power,
for, like writing with flowers
and swirls and curls with the pen,

we FEEL that advantage, there is surly advantage
in the fight to be equal with men.


It’s all in the packaging. And the small details in life.
This image I have chosen to make my point–is gorgeous and classy!!
On dressing for power–Even if it is underneath.




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