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The beauty of autumn?

This time of golds and reds and soft edges..
of collected family and football and way too much food…
of thankfulness and Charlie Brown’s Pumpkin….
This time is
a time of decision.
A time of clarity and focused ascension.

It is a time where that thing, intent, that abstract description of an operation to be performed…. becomes necessary again.
Stirred and shaken awake again..

For we MUST begin once again to perform for, unless we were born
of silver spoons and the privilege of lazy entitlement…
The fact is—Nobody ELSE is gonna do it for us, oui?

Still, it has been a slice, this past season, has it not?

Now that we are of an age, summer seemed to fly by as we allowed ourselves to play and be distracted
by the sunshine and lollipops. Forgetting for whole weeks at a time that we must thrive…not just survive..
Don’t we all love those meager weeks of childhood irresponsibility that
takes us over and we forget that we must soon be adult and responsible once more?

Aww–the beauty of autumn.
We fight it but it is, alas…
our rap of the knuckles.
Our-“HEY, you. pay attention!
Reality is HERE.
Get back to it!

Pamela Lee

October 20, 2015


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