Call Me J.

Call Me J – Holy Snappin’! Trilogy (Book 1)Call-Me-J-Cover

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“Call Me J” Synopsis (adult themes)

Historical events and pop-cultural reminders abound and mingle with the lives of this ‘typical’ Boomer family. Spanning and including over 50 years, this funny, forthright, down-to-earth but melodramatic chronicle covers early stages in protagonist Annalee’s family’s lives, starting with the infamous Hurricane Hazel, circa 1954. From there, the author takes an excessively naive high school dropout country gal on unexpected journeys so varied as to be pooh-poohed as unlikely in one lifetime. Annie, born ‘different’ from her sibs but happily approaching a decided future from a tiny town in southwestern Ontario, Canada ventures, instead, to a life of magical adventure. Or misadventure. Reader’s choice.

In this honest, memoir-style saga, follow Annie through a lifespan that brings her and hers ‘the usual’ ups and downs you would expect in any dramatic narrative that keeps you saying “NO WAY!” BUT! This manuscript brings it on in multiples. Put twenty people in a room; all will have had something BIG touch their lives. Could be murder, molestation, disfigurement, addictions, violent domestic breakdowns. Or windfalls, exotic locales, puppies on Christmas morning, found loves and tight family circles. Annie Bell and her clan can claim ownership to all 20 of those biggies. Or 30. Or more.

Settings: Central and Eastern Canada, Sarasota, Florida and beyond!

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Call Me J is also available at the Bookworm in Brantford Ontario and the Green Heron, Paris Ontario.

Call me J is a part of the collection in Several of the Halifax regional Municipal libraries in Nova Scotia, the Brantford Public Library and the Norfolk County Public Library – Port Dover Branch in Ontario, Canada.

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Click below to see a free preview of “Call Me J.

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