What makes this novel different?

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Busy time for this author as I do one last sweep through this massive thing to be sure I haven’t made any date or sequence errors in following the life of Annie and her family..found a few so far so on I go over the next two weeks or so as I complete the fundraiser which was a difficult decision for me as I am usually the one who is giving, not taking..But I do know it is for a good THING..something that I KNOW will enhance your life as you read it..And I know that for enhanced MINE as I wrote it..attempting to inspire others to never give up no matter how bad things GET encouraged ME to keep going and finish my message..

Today I was mentioning on a facebook message that I would soon be editing through the paragraphs covering the JFK assassination on November 22, 1963 and had said that I learned so much during my research on this sad topic and that I had been surprised at how gory the actual event was..someone posted then the word ‘Brrrr’ as an answer to that post..this is what I answered her and THIS is what makes “Call me j.” different…..

I had to do tons of digging on some of the topics-JFK, Jonestown Massacre-Kent State, Clolumbine massacre, John Lennon murder and much more..Princess Di’s death, the desegragation of blacks from whites in the US (VERY BRUTAL THINGS IN THAT TIME), natural disasters, airplane crashes like Swiss air..you can imagine how many things I touched base on in the novel over 45 years for they all affected the characters in the book either directly or emotionally….I blended all big news stories into the story..and I had ENOUGH , yes plenty of my OWN gore to describe in my own family..It was hard, Nancy..Many a night I cried and rocked and lost it more than once over the 4 years of writing and drank more than my share as well just to get through some days here at the keyboard..but I never gave up…True life horror stories are worse than fictitious ones, let me tell you.

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