We must tend our own garden

Good Morning, Saturday..and good morning all my beautiful people!
It’s MID SEPTEMBER already!..
And it’s FALL.
A transition time.

Some days we should take time to reflect on priorities–and step back and decide where those priorities lie. Basically do a mental OR real-life pro and con list.

Don’t you agree?

Some days we have to just say STOP–and become aware again instead of how we are so often swept up on the wave of life and letting it simply take us along helter-skelter.


Some days we have to take a deep breath and focus on the task of caring for the entity that is “ME”.
To rest our souls.

For, how can we tend to others of we don’t tend to ourselves?

To actually calm our beings and take a breath and regroup. In essence ”take a holiday’ from life and recharge..

Some days we must let life be and give ouselves a little T.L.C..

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  • Reply katou September 16, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Being a Self is one of the most basic foundations to understanding and living this thing we call life .Our choices we make come with responsibilities we sometimes forget to factor in before making a choice . Kittens and puppies are very cute and lovable ,much like human babies . Sadly they do grow and loose some of the cuteness .

    With the maturity of the human they move away from us being responsible for them but not so with the cat or the dog . and we are always going to be responsible for our self in this life . I had a dog once that ran away .I had kids that grew and went away … free at last ,free at last …Some day I will be gone and I wonder who will be responsible then . I love the fall :>) katou

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