To celebrating our own maturity with gratitude and grace.

To CELEBRATING reaching this milestone–68 years young..In SPITE of stage 4 cancer and a nice little follow up heart attack..and other things..
Yep–celebrating every singe day..

To not fighting aging but grabbing on to it and changing life up to be filled with gratitude and thankfulness EVERY single day that I CAN do so! To Embracing the gift of life–a thing that fringed on loosing too many times…

To honouring those beloveds I have lost before me—knowing they added endlessly to the thing that is my soul…

And taking on the responsibility of living it properly, hoping to inspire, guide and mentor with my manuscripts and by example, leaving a footprint of a decent, good and loving human being when my time is up..
Onwards from Pammyland..heart emoticon

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