The gift of reading—and writing..

Goodd MORNINGGGGGG my peeps. It’s gonna be another gorgeous fall day here Bedford, Nova Scotia!

Today I am saluting THE BOOK…That thing we readers allll take for granted will always be our companion…
No matter HOW down or sad or lonely, there is always ”the book’..
No matter what question we have or ‘big happening’ in our lives, we always have ”the book’ to refer back to, guide us through or motivate us to keep going.
“The book” is like a kindred spirit. It is a place we can fall into and hide if we need to or go to for to for solace.
Somehow we can run away when we read.
It’s like we feel when we are with a Kindred Spirit. We feel all powerful and are calmed and our hearts quieted when we read.
WE meet the most INCREDIBLE souls when we read–our lives are expanded sideways and deeply and our world becomes full of colour and magic when we read..
I could go on and on for in my 68 years–58 if I said reading years ‘the book’ has been my salvation too many times to count..
SOO–it is my honour and privilege to add to that roster, knowing that someone somewhere right now is reading
MY book.
And, perhaps someone is lifted by the experience.

ONWARDS my fellow readers with love and appreciation!!!
And Thank you God for the gift of writing!!

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