The curse of creativity.

It is amazing how being a creative soul–is an entity unto
Makes no matter, what genre we speak, it affects us.
You could be a creator of, say, design, in all that broad spectrum.
Or you could be an ”idea man/gal’ and create concepts or business plans or strategies
It may be in the arts–again in all that broad spectrum..
The point?? Creativity, passionate, tenacious creativity DOES take courage. It can add to your persona in the broad strokes..or detract..
Here’s an example.
I was recently speaking to a fellow writer out of Texas and he was saying how so many writers avoid relationships for ”normal’ people cannot possibly understand that writing –is not a choice….a light-switch…a punch-the-clock kind of lifestyle.. (sound familiar, Creators?)
Even two WRITERS cohabiting can fall into jealousies and questions about commitment and such..
Bottom line-
Most think we creatives (and there are a lottt of you in my circle –a LOT!) are gifted and lucky..Perhaps in most ways we are…but in other ways———hmm.
A wondrous curse?

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