The beautiful surprises of FALL!

Looking forward to an AWESOME, AWESOME fall of 2017 full of promise and grand surprises….
I am thrilled to be participating in the world class Celtic Colours Festivals on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, among other things.
What do YOU have planned that will bring colour to your soul?
Will you join me in my resolve to seek out moments of joy and happiness this autumn of ’17?
Together we will MAKE IT SO!
For we DO have a choice.
We can allow despair and negativity to control our daily. Or we can take charge and release the hidden inspiration that is within ALL of us–if we will only let it shine.
Let it outwards-.
And allow THAT to direct our lives, instead…
Let grace, happiness and positivity reign supreme.
Let’s make a choice., shall we?
Onwards from my house to your house in sweet solidarity..

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