Readers are EXCITED!!

Today I write again.. Can’t tell you how privileged and spoiled I feel to just relax and veg and write at my leisure here this summer of 2018 at AJ’s home. I feel inspired beyond measure. I now have four different friends who are working on writing projects from Novels to screenplays to non fiction to ghost writing and it feels so good to have others in my circle now who GET where I am coming from when I speak of this passion we have inside to create content.
Four years ago today It was only a couple months into publish and i had a huge flurry of excited readers who had been waiting for my book to hit the stands/ebook.
Here’s one message..
I cannot TELL you what messages like this and many other messages of support over the years mean and MEANT to me as a first-time author at age 65!!
It motivated me to carry on with book 2 (which is still in progress and will eventually be a feature film) and the rest of the series, It has inspired me and told me it was all worth it!! Here was the post to me..
Lisa Hamel to Pamela Lee
July 18, 2014 at 4:38pm ·
YAY!!! I finally got your book “Call Me J” in the mail today! & I’m so stoked! I’m excited that this day has finally arrived for you:to have it out there now & me: finally being able to read it, especially after a couple of years of history of you trying to get it published! Proud of you Pammy & glad to have it in my hands & by my nightstand & can’t get wait to get into tonight! Celebrations!

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