Put on your big girl pants and just DO life-while you have time

Salute to going into the day wearing Big Girl Pants and celebrating ALLLL the things you are…
Happy Sunday wherever you are, with whomever you are doing Sunday with…
Just DO it and be YOU!!
What’s that you are saying?
You want to take that course at the university cause the kids are going into that same university? Go sign up tomorrow.
You want to make a complete career change and do something you love, even though it’s less money? But it makes you HAPPY? But people will TALK! And so..Do they live YOU?
You want to learn to grow llamas then knit their wool into sweaters? How FUN is THAT!
You want to date a guy/gal who is 15 years younger? You go girl/boy!
You want to watch the new movie coming out Book Club? So does every woman over 40.
You want to take that bus tour to Memphis and a casino in Atlantic City on the way back with money YOUR earned over the hard working life you had, Google and book it TODAY–before you head to dinner with the family..
You want to die your hair that lovely lilac colour Ferrier has out?
For you have TODAY.
Don’t wait for—the best time..
The best time IS today (well, maybe you might want to wait til after everyone takes you to dinner and leave on the next bus outta town with your lilac hair and maybe that crazy outfit you found at Value Village for 5 bucks!..Oh and the fattest book by your fav author to read on the bus if you have time between bingo games–maybe ME!..And the guys to make your OWN story!:))))))))

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