Proud native Canadian!

A salute today to my 1/8 Native Canadian Mohawk heritage this first weekend in June.
A time of promise in that time when souls lived off the land.

As for the message within the image–
Yes –as with many of you who have ”stuff” going on (which is most of you cause IT’S LIFE, AFTER ALL) SOME DAYS THINGS do get difficult..and I am beyond tired of always having to fight for everything in life over the past 5-6 years in all the weird happening in Pammyland
…it gets old for sure..
HOWEVER–I choose to flip that to
“””OH MY GOD!! I am here still and well l in my health, working towRDS A FUN AND ADVENTUROUS NEXT 6 MONTHS, comfy and loved and blessed with so much..
I am so happy my mother left me with the strong genes of tenacity, faith, love and a powerful spirit of the Native Canadian.
And glad it hasn’t left me yet!!! smile emoticon:))) heart emoticon<3

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