Practice affirmation. It works!

I LOVE NEW DAYS!!! New beginnings. Clean slates–

Today, going into this weekend in early September, 2017, is a day of looking in the mirror, with my dear Jenn in mind, practicing affirmation…


SO THIS ONE IS FOR you JENNIFER, who we lost just yesterday, 2016. At age 48…YOU HAD just GOT A NIEW JOB…so..it’s a whatif..

This one is also for we ladies and gents who are in transition this new season with this fresh new page..

I am right now Dressing for that affirmation of success in my mind–seeing my style and look in Pammyland of yesteryear..

As I prepared to start my day today–I looked back to other decades in my life when I had earned the right to run my own corporations with 70 employees in my roster.

Or preparing to teach as I set up a training class somewhere in some hotel room in some city in Canada.

Or writing the next scene for the stage show i had produced..

And here I am now–a simple writer..

Writing the next scene for the next book in the series..

Before this morning I would have said–“”my life used to be blessed with power and position and achievement.””

As of today I now say-

“””WOW-my life is blessed for I have worked my butt off to have a life of adventure and success. NOW I am Published Author–and soon my book is going to be a MOVIE–And a household word..


My signature is going to become—my autograph!!!””””

ONWARDS from Pammyland..


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