Pishaw on comfort zones!

A…ww, yes..as y’all know this is the credo of this new Gypsy Soul of today but also it truly has been my life over the decades with the “I’ll-try-anything-once”” career gal of yesteryear.
Lfe can be an adventure–or a a drift-through..
It’s all about choice.

SO grateful that since i was of an age of realization, my Momma gave me permission to realize that it’s OK to live this way,
To take chances and just GO for things–
My first challenge was to go for the part of Mary at the Christmas concert at our one room school when I was 7…and I got the part and a taste of overcoming the fear and assuming success instead!
The rest is history–
Yep, wayyyyyy back when I was a kid. she said “Pammy, ANYTHING is possible if you only try and never give up.” Or words to that effect. .

TRY IT, yourself!
Go off that beaten path,
Pishaw on your comfort zone.
You will NOT be sorry!!. smile emoticon:))
Onwards in Pammyland..
I could go back to work to pay for the latest repair to my old car…
Or I could just stay here in this lovely sweet home and do what I love instead..
Hmm..WHAT chouce should I make?

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