New beginnings…

One of those months we seem to cleanse ourselves..
That time of year has rolled around where we reinvent our existence once again….
And we kind of settle and set ourselves into a new season; like a football player getting ready for the next play..

We get GROUNDED in September after all those glorious weeks of goofing around and living life not too seriously–as we tend to do over the hot months..
THAT is a good thing, not a bad thing, for now we are recharged!! Ready for anything!!!
Expectant. THAT’S the word. We feel–expectant. And filled with anticipation–a sense of excitement hanging in the air, like the smell of fallen leaves burning..ooooo–as much as we hate the thought of what comes after–we all love that smell of fallen leaves burning, oui??

We tend to set more goals in this month of golds, oranges and reds. A warm month in so many ways. When I wonder why that is, it comes to me that we feel–calm now at this time of year. Not frantic and forced. We feel…content. But we also feel–ready..
We tend to focus, once this Labour Day weekend is behind us.
We are filled with energy, vim and vigor, no matter what era we came to this earth.
And -peace. We feel..peaceful in September.
Don’t you agree?

SO..with that in mind..
May I wish you a FABULOUS fall filled with a sense of achievement and accomplishment..in the big things AND little things..

Make this YOUR year..
Eat it up and spit it out so when Christmas rolls around. you can look back
with huge grin on your lips and go..
Just like I’M’MA  gonna do..:)))))))

Onwards in Pammyland..


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