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Weekly Bluster-The Sensual Senior-Erotic Naomee-#3-The May/December realtionship

Erotic Naomee-The Sensual Senior #3…May/December relationships.


Today I am attempting to follow-up on intriguing questions put to me for my latest Pammyland blog.

”Tell us what the experience of dating a much younger man brought to you. Did it enrich your life? Or complicate it?”

Hmmmm. Right off the top there is a challenge for ME, the Sensual Senior. How far does this Sensual Senior GO??

Without thinking about it (the best answers are always the candid ones) I am going to start with practical’s.

Things like-

-You are collecting your ‘’old age’’ pension (LA! I hate that term!) while he is

still focusing what he needs monthly for Freedom 55. Hmmm.

-You and your buddies are of an era where fall rolls around and you are all looking at the best deals in travel on the Snowbird Express while he and HIS buddies are arranging for their young-adult offspring’s new college dorm room set-up. Hmmm.

-You are at Loblaw’s or Publix filling your cart with supplies for the lavish meal you are going to prepare for him next time he comes for a sleepover. Meanwhile you have to be sure everything is nosalt, no gmo, gluten-free and–vegan??

And the French press or latte maker is tucked in the cart beside condoms and scented candles. OH no, wait! What was that he said about having a scent free home? Or was it carpet free? Or pets? Maybe an epi-pen in case he forgot to tell you about that allergy he has to late-adult-onset whatever the heck that-latest-is. OH, no. Who is gonna take Mitzy for the weekend? Hmmmmm.

-YOU are shopping around to find the best price on walk-in bathtubs and pharmacy dispensing fees while he is shopping around for the latest and greatest in techy I-pads ‘n entertainment gadgets.

OH, THAT one brings me to—you are still trying to figure out the remote whilst he could maneuver the landing of the latest Mars Exploration Rover with his eyes shut and one hand tied behind his back!!!

Now THIS thought brings me to a new opening in this blog—the hands tied thing. (OH MY! Should I go on now with the fun reference to 50 Shades and all that stuff-not that I READ it or anything??)

YES I shall for HERE is where the twines shall meet—lolo–Get it? Twine? Tied? Accidental pun?? (Wait it’s TWAIN shall meet –which is old england for twegen.. which means TWO-not to be confused with ShanIA Twain!) )

Where was I????


This brings me to where the sparks fly. And where alllllll the Freedom 55’s, Snowbirds and May/December clichés you wanna throw at me begin to mean ZIP. Nada. Zero. Nothing.

‘Cause the sex in a May/December romance is nothing short of glorious.

She is ready for anything and goes the whole nine yards wearing the ultimate in Victoria Secret high fashion on her gorgeous four-poster with the Egyptian cotton 1200 thread count sheets (or maybe what-the hell-satin-ala “Nights in white satin”) without worrying about answering to a single, solitary soul.

He is ready for anything and wants her to feel loved, loved up, appreciated, cherished and treasured as the gem she has worked many decades to make herself into.

The give and take is pure magic and the sky is the limit in a May/December romance.

In this, behind closed doors, they matchy-match completely and irrevocably on infinite patience, imagination, give-n-take and the massive power of love.

Yep. The sky-rockets you read about in the bodice rippers—rocket.

Soooo, my take on the Mature lady/younger man combo-in the boudoir, the living room, the kitchen and out and about socially? A perfect match. IF allowed to happen undisturbed. Perfect match.

He has energy, she has strength and experience.

He still has a zest and the bravado for bold new adventures, she has wisdom, class and a calming effect.

He has grandiose ideas, she has ideals and a collective of facts and knowledge.

The pairing is like wine n cheese, sunshine n lollipops, Marilyn n Munroe.

It’s a given, I tell you. And I know—from experience.

It’s as natural as hell.


It is frowned upon almost universally.

Love should be—hmm—how do I say this?

Love should be easy like Sunday morning. It should be gentle and as accepted and right and as non-complicated as breathing. It should conquer all. But it’s funny how it actually is.

An older dude mashes up with a young trophy wife and he gets high fives all round, not a single raised eyebrow except maybe from his kids—and grandkids…

A mature woman hooks up with a man 15-20 years her junior and the EWWWWWWW factor reigns supreme! Things like ‘’keep your bank card close to your person’ are said without thought of how offensive it is to EITHER and both of the party involved. No matter the caring motivation behind the warning, it’s offensive, this assumption that it even has to be SAID! Oh, and, people point and whisper behind their hands, especially if the man in the couple happenes to be a gorgeous hunk of rock-star walking testosterone.

Like come ON, people.

Talk about a double standard STANDARD here.

Which brings ME, Naomee, to the Bottom line?

Is it worth it? A BIG FAT YES!!!

Would I do it again at this sunset period of my life? No.


The trophy wife is in control, holds the reigns, snaps her fingers and he’s there in a heartbeat.

With alllllll the pressure put on the younger man who has to fight tooth and nail, 24/7 to love his lady-love——

If it comes to pass that the older woman snaps her not her fingers but her hip and—–


The rest is —sadly–human nature—and most likely an unwritten and unfulfilled history.

Time I headed off for another round of–life.

Perhaps next time I will have a more enlightening subject to tackle, more wisdom to impart on the masses.

For, again, sadly, this one was pretty darned predictable..


As Pammy always says in her salutations…


Naomee, Out!




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