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Naomi the Sensual Senior–monthly Bluster #24. Christmas is all about the magic–and vocabulary!

Naomi the Sensual Senior—Monthly Bluster #24—Christmas. It’s all about the magic. And the vocabulary.
Clark Griswald and his Eggnog in a moose punch-glass rant.
Elves (especially Buddy and his elevator ride)
Candy canes, cracked walnuts and turkey dinner with the fixin’s.
The CHRISTMAS Concert ticket conundrum—WHO gets one?
Stockings in a row on the mantel.
Sparkes and twinkly glitter-EVERYWHERE.
‘T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house.
Sleigh bells.
Carols that are not a given name.
Frankincense, baby in a manger, the star.
Themey wreaths, tinsel swallowed by the cat and the best lightshow in the country contests on T.L.C.
Sugar Plum fairy songs chiming out from cell phones in the grocery store lineups. Carrots for Rudolph and all her gal companions sit alongside scratch tickets for stockings in those hard to find carts.
Smiley faces, everywhere.
“I’ll be home for Christmas—if only in my dreams” on the car radio, making us all teary eyed and nostalgic with memories of past years.
CHRISTMAS VOCABULARY used only once a year!
Where all these words prompt faster heartbeats, bring grins to our lips. Words used over and over for weeks.
But for these weeks, we never tire of them.
Oh, for the evoking images that dance in our heads when we see or hear this jumble of oh so familiar words and melodies used alone or in combination.
If we collected them all up, put them in a box from Gramma’s attic, wrapped them in shiny, gold paper, topped it with a giant bow and opened that gift on, say, JULY 25th–they would simply fall as flat as a lead balloon.
It’s a process, after all.
“It” all begins after November 11 here in Canada (well, truth be told, the stores start sneaking the visuals in on November 1st) and just keeps going and going and going ‘til January 1st with those irritating, leftover commercials.
Oh—there’s another word.
BATTERIES! To keep things going and going and going.
But, truly—
It’s a slow and magical and wonderful PROCESS, Christmas . Or to be quote, quote, politically correct—”the Holiday Season.”
And I love every single solitary moment.
Hey there, everyone. I’m Naomi. They call me the sensual senior because—well, I suppose it’s because I remind people that, just because I am over the age of retirement, it plain ole don’t meant I’m dead. I’m still all woman.
Anyway, how I got this gig is my buddy and alter ego Pammy, caretaker of this website www.pamelaleeauthor.com asked me to represent, advocate for, speaketh for we single mature gals.
SO—Here I is..:)
Back to the topic of the month. One near and dear to most of us Mature folks for we got history with it.
We jiggy with it.
We remember that Christmas when——Oh, and THAT one!!!
WE on it—
We copacetic.
The facts are-
#1-Yep. We want to be three or four places at once. INCLUDING with our friends. It’s a kind of no-matter-what-you-do-someone-is-gonna-miss-you-and-vise versa. Sucks to be you, syndrome.
#2-We tire easier. WE don’t want perfume, jewelry, another framed picture to hang in an apartment/home that is empty half the time ‘cause we are busy chasing rainbows and happiness WITH all the ones we didn’t get to spend THIS Christmas with. So tangible gifts? Nope. We want TIME back in another month with EACH of you. WITH the grands there, too. Save your money. And buy us a plane/train/automobile tickey.
#3.We have become mortals. We THINK about the fact that we no longer have decades stretching before us. We ain’t got 25 Christmases to be flitting from province to province. HECK. The way people have expanded their job searches and family decisions many live and raise their kids internationally now, so it’s more like flitting country to COUNTRY! Nope, we ain’t got 25 Christmases to be out trying the new tobogganing hill with the great grands. We just haven’t. Period. And, yes. It unsettles our souls.
#4-But we are grateful for our abilities that are still gifted to us. And there is a long range of things that we can no longer do as we did when we were, say, 50. AND. We thank the Lord daily that, approaching this special time, we are still here to USE Christmas vocabularies—and can still get us to you all. For many of our peers…can’t.
In closing..
May I say. It is no longer politically correct to use many words we used to when WE were kids but—to hell with that nonsense.
SO SUE me for saying the dreaded words on a public forum! I can knit crazy sweaters in prison.
Best wishes for a year full of cheer in 2018..(OMG! 2018)Already!!!)
Sparkles and twinkly glitter-EVERYWHERE.

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