Monthly Bluster

Naomi the Sensual Senior—Bless my 2017 with turnarounds. Monthly Bluster #19

Oh, and God, with these turnarounds I hope it would include You turning my lack into plenty, my confusion into clarity, my loneliness into happiness. In general, my tests into testimonies. Allow me to be in complete control of –me.
Naomi, here, God and, Lord, I ask that You let 2017 be blessed with breakthroughs, miracles and change in my and my alter-ego Pammy’s life, too! Please.
I read this list on a status in Pammy’s Facebook page and ‘’stole” it for it put my life in perspective. I ask for little. But I ask for it all.
Plenty. Clarity. Happiness.
Kk, so now that’s done. I put it out there in the Universe. NAMASTE and all that spiritual stuff that I DO embrace. I kid you not. I am a spiritual being even if I AM a sensual Senior. I may be mature but I’m not cold of heart or dead yet.
Bet you folks reading this are all nodding your heads in agreement that you want some of that, too, right? The clarity, the miracles, the turning lack into plenty. I hear yuh, Baby!
Seems we get to the New Year and we all get to thinking. Like, hey. Another year has whizzed by, ROCKETED by actually and am I any farther ahead? Have I actually, Eeegads, regressed?
I ain’t speakin’ of money here, mind you, folks. It’s kind of a moot point, isn’t it? We could all use more of that but, honestly, we pretty well are where we will be in life for this moment in this particular New Year without a megamillions win and-pick-up-the-cheque-at-the-office-and-we-will-take-a-picture-of-you place.
Or, hey!!
Maybe you do something cute or funny or downright amazing and someone near and dear catches it on their smartphone and, brave you shows your 10 second clip on Utube and next thing you know, you got a viral thing going on. From Tuesday til the Hump Day you make a cazillions dollars and become an ‘’’internet sensation’” overnight and get to dance on Dancing with the Stars at 15 years old. Talk about hard work and edumacashun paying off!!!
Heck, it could happen to ANYONE so, being Ms. Positive here, I guess I should say ’don’t give up on that dream! Keep your phone nearby and buy the weekly Lotto!”
SURREE, some of you are dandy. MANY of you, actually.
Life is good. All the round pegs FIT into those round holes this past year in all areas of your life and you are celebrating the hell outta that! As you SHOULD!
You are at peace. You go through each day with grace and calm and tranquility with a tiny jigger of upset once every 90 days. AND you are happily in love for the 28th year with the man/lady who adore you so much he/she just wants to be with you 24/7/365.
Uhhuhh. I see it. It DOES exist.
Contentment in job, family, co-partnering. A template of a successful life. And, boys oh boys I as well sure do want some of that. Might not get the longevity part with a mate but the rest? Yeppers! I want some.
Since I am Pammy’s intimate and trusted friend I can tell you that we live parallel lives. We live in balance. Both of us. By balance I mean that for years and years now it goes like this and it is dramatically obvious. For each good that squeaks into our lives there is an equally UNIQUELY CRUSHING bad. We keep track. Every January 1st we do a sort of score board and OH MY!!
So-we put our heads together last week and compared notes.
Fact is—Pammy has had 16 years of pretty dramatic stuff going on in her land. Unheard of stuff that is –well—unfathomable at times. Me? Same –Same.
WE have conferred and decided.
The time is PRIME for—SIXTEEN YEARS of unique and awesome magnificence in BOTH our lands.
I vote YES!

I shall ‘steal” one more thing today in my monologue. It’s a Pammy thing..
“Onwards from Naomi and may YOUR 2017 be—-magnificent!”

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