Monthly Bluster

Naomee the Sensual Senior Monthly Bluster-March 5th–get’er in before the Ides!!!

Oh my!!
WHERE did the first and second month go?
Have you ladies and gents noticed this strange phenomenon happening in your world?
What shall we call it? “Double-Time? Or should it be half-time? Heck, how about quarter-time. Sounds like a strange musical movement! It’s like, two months go by in two days.

So, today, being a buddy of Pammy’s, I asked her what all the fuss was about–this March 5th thingy. This is what she said…

“Naomee, today always makes my heart beat faster. My hope and faith factor grow in leaps and bounds.I am at a juncture that just happens to be of monumental importance in Pammyland.
We’re at my day of magic and life-changes? As my alter ego Pammy would say—Holy snappin’!!! It is March 5th!!!

Do we all have a day like this–a 24 hour when the stars all align and our paths are changed forever??
Where, there really was nothing special about it. Day of the week-wise. Time of the year wise.
It was not a holiday where everyone’s day is special or a day where, going in, we ourselves were unaware that IT was about to happen. That the next 24 were gonna make our life BIGGER, BRIGHTER, more magnificent?
Do YOU have such a a day?
That your happy quotient was gonna go over the top like that old carny game where your boy hit a thing with a mallet so he could win you a teddy bear that needed it’s own seatbelt. OH. Wait– we didn’t HAVE seatbelts then!!

Yes–there was one March 5 happening that, at the time. seemed the most disastrous tragedy ever but, in the end, even that March 5th was…to make my life easier, safer and mine again.
The other two??
The birth of a much wanted daughter.
And the birth of a relationship that would bring me the love of my life and 8 months of high end bliss and joy.
Salute to—–March 5
Here is a poem I wrote in honour of it.

Collage-March 5

A baby girl was born to me
a dream since remembered times.
I had seen her my minds eye
had felt her in my heart by
when it all began.
When I began.
March 5

It finally finished;
those years of trial.
When my other-half,
his mind bent with
chemicals, the ones
that gave him life?.
Almost took my life
in violence.
March 5

Never thinking it
was owed me.
An awakening of sorts,
when the blessing of HIM, my Prince,
came into my life.
A gift, no doubt,
in balance,
no doubt.

March 5


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