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Naomee the Sensual Senior. Monthly Bluster #22-Mature, sick and single.

Naomee the Sensual Senior-#22—On being mature, sick and single.
Well, hi there again, my loyal readers. Yes, I am assuming there is an S in there at the end of reader.
Hope you have been enjoying my so called “wise and sage observations” (a reader’s words) as a mature, not-dead-yet young senior.
According to the 2011 Canadian Census, there’s upwards of almost 4 million of we over 50’s out there.
There are actually over 6 million single women in Canada but we are an aging population so we more advanced gals, age-wise, win the brass ring in numbers.
Back to my point.
Hopefully at least ONE of you must be following me by now and, hopefully, enjoying and nodding your head in agreement as you read each of the over 20 Naomee articles on how we all friggin’ FEEL to have hit this over 50 and beyond milestone, still above ground.
Or am I being too optimistic in the competitive world of blogging? It is getting harder and harder to get views on Social Media now as the world of cyber space grows daily.
On to the topic at hand.
It just so happened that Pammy and I have discussed this scary topic, ad nauseam. Turns out we had identical thoughts on that much discussed on tv talk shows, etc. Go figure..:)
We’re in agreement that mature and sick-and too often living alone if one is single–seems to be an obvious accident waiting to happen. An unavoidable inevitability.
We KNOW we all have friends and family who will be at our beck and call, sitting by our bedside 24/7, as our soulmate would, to jump to our every need, talk to the medical staff as the event unfolds and so on. Correct? CORRECT?
Well, in many cases..WRONG!
With the way our offspring live all over the world and we ourselves are often mobile in work and play, the ‘’old way’’ is, well, old. WE just cannot count on such an eventuality when WE hit the eventuality.
Think of it. REALLY think of it.
HOW many of your circle COULD or would actually leave their own jobs, family, city to come tend to you, the mature, sick and single, for an extended hospital stay? Honestly.
You KNOW it’s been on the back of your mind if you are, say, 55.
But, truly, we want to ostrich, bury ourselves under a pile of warm blankies. Avoid the factamundo that about 7 MILLION of us gals will, if not soon, if we are single and living alone, will eventually be in this siteeashun.
But you’re 40 and thinking—“”Heck. Why bother reading this article? I’ll be long attached by then.”
Just met a lady a couple weeks ago. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. She is vivacious, talented and travelled, well heeled, adventurous and fearless. Been INTENTIONALLY looking for a life-partner for—ready? 13 years. She started her quest at 50.
Still, she is smoking’ hot at 63. And, yes. Still searching. Tenacious, too-lolol!!! Luckily she has never been ill or injured.
Anyyvayys, back to the topic Pammy and I had decided would be our blog entry for August.
Here’s the ironic part.
Guess who lived the exact fact-of-the-matter not 2 weeks ago?
You guessed it.
Recently our hostess of this site travelled to Nova Scotia to be with her daughter and help her move into a new home come September 1st.
Turns out, Pammy comes down with this wonky swelling and full body rash—her hands the size of baseball mitts—all red and weird. Spent 4 days in hospital. Problem is still undiagnosed to any satisfaction and yes, could strike again. Yikes.
The point? Daughter was working 12 hour shifts. Pammy has no close friends or other family living in Halifax area. In the 90 hours she was hospitalized, she has two 15 minute visits from her girl and one sweet pop in from her producer of her internet TV show. Period.
Basically. She went it alone…
Talk about proof in the flippin’ pudding!!
Pammy and I are putting it out there. We would LOVE to open a dialogue on this undeniable in the new millennium when EVERYONE has a life—and that life is not one bit static. Instead, we are MOBILE and uber-bizzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…
Perhaps this is inappropriate for a salutation but I must go with Pammy’s flow and sign off with…..

@Boomer Novel

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  • Reply katou August 17, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    check check …is this working ? Not sure if this is a Girl’s only thing but I am a boy . I wonder what will happen to me when I get old .I don’t expect to live much past 50, if I am lucky enough to get that age at all .But I don’t think that being old has much to do with weather people have time or even care enough to visit let alone take care of someone . I think God chooses some to do this work .I think that the pay to do the work also attracts others into the vocation .

    I remember laying in a bed with all of those gizmos plugged into me and wondering if any one would come to visit .Finally someone did .Oh yay …Oh no …Turned out that by me having the accident I did ,I ruined someone elses perfect vacation .Better to have never asked myself the question and probably prayed to not suffer too much or to just go on that trip to where ever it is we go . I am ready for it .

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