Monthly Bluster


We are on the road again, my alter-ego and my favorite author, Pammy and I. She just now completed a 49 day, 20 stop-to-see-loved-ones trip across 4 provinces. And now she rests in Halifax. A three month sojourn? Only God knows?
She, too, is seeking.
Attempting to discover her place.
Unsettled and unsatisfied with the status quo.

The big questions of today on my Monthly Bluster are…
Are we alone in this “is the grass-is-greener down the road” thingy?
Is it gender specific?
Are the male of the species just as —antsy?
Is this restlessness and sense of urgency plaguing all we single humans-of-an-era?
It seems so. But I will add this interesting bit to the mix in my monthly observations..

A much loved ex of Pammy’s just recently (in the grand scheme of life) found his life-mate, got married and has embarked on a new calling. He has returned to the classroom. In a seminary. To become an Anglican Priest of all things. All these life-changing events at 59-60 years old!

Frankly—I don’t see this unsettled hand-wringing about the future as we nervous Nellies see it in all these “Celebrating 25-30-35 years of Wedding Bliss” posts from many, many my similar aged friends and acquaintances on Facebook and such. They just seem to be solid and honestly and totally living the dream.
Lucky them.
They have NO idea what it is to be tripping the light fantastic with no one to trip it with!
Frankly, it sucks. It truly sucks the big one.
But WAIT. I must digress and remember those age old saying like ‘success breeds success—failure does the same.” and all those jobbies. So ZAP ON THIS NEGATIVE B.S., NAOMEE. Don’t bring the Universe down on your head by thinking these thoughts and putting yourself in the ‘’love won’t happen to me’ box! If you think it-it will happen, or is it WON’E happen? You silly goose!
Remember the book The Secret? HEED, my lady. Pay attention to the key. PUT IT OUT THERE. VISUALIZE IT! Pray. And have FAITH!
What you put out there is what is mirrored back.
Look in that mirror and tell yourself these truths. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and ENOUGH!
Be FEARLESS! Be tenacious. Be YOU!

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