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Naomee the Sensual Senior-Monthly Bluster #15-Help the kids or Self-care?

Naomee the Sensual Senior Monthly Bluster-#15-The conundrum of splitting ourselves two ways-Follow the kids? Or self-care?


Hey there, folks. Naomee here.  Pammy’s alter-ego. 

And, like your host Pammy here on her Author’s website, I am a part of that HUGE ..Zoomerland!

And we gott’a problem.

It tears us apart, en-masse.

One of the pluses of my new job is working with the public and CONVERSING with said public on a surprisingly intimate basis. It boggles me, actually, how much people divulge to an interesting stranger. Me!

Granted, not EVERY connection with my public spills a bucket of beans but, more often than you would imagine they do. Maybe because I YAK with peeps. I schmooze. I kibbutz. Like-they tell me ‘stuff’. I swear, I feel like a bartender or hairdresser some days.

Anyvayyyys—back to subject.

Seems me and Pammy are not the only ladies who have this massive internal struggle going on—almost daily.

Do I follow the kids and grand kidlets around the country …..or do I look after the Grammy and be selfish as hell in doing so?

After all. They NEED US!!


Do they?

It never ceases to amaze me, too, how classic I am. How what I am feeling and experiencing is going down in about 2 million other Boomer-gals households across this great Canada of ours.

The Golden Girl Syndrome reigns supreme and I thought it was just a scripted TV show. Talk about an accidental true reality show of the 85-92 era. And how art mimics life and vise versa. Those gals ALSO struggled with ‘’should I go life with/near the kids and grandkids and save their ass with my glowing presence—or stay with my peers and have a damn blast for the sunset of my life?”

SO—as we head into summer and I fill in my date book with a dual schedule which includes work-to-fill my soul and the squeezed in Via rail timetable to save my kid’s sanity by venturing across country and ‘’gramma-sitting’ whilst they go for a getaway to the cottage in the Muskokas the big question is…..

Should I be putting in my notice to the rent-geared-to-income apartment building so I can head east to over-winter with my kid-who-is-a single-mom-struggling??

Or stay put..




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