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Monthly Bluster Naomee the Single Sensual Senior-March. The SEXY month. And the feeellingggg’s goooddd!#8

Hello, y’all. I am Pammy’s alter ego and each month I attempt to speak for we discriminating mature ladies out there. So here goes on March, the sexy month.

K, so you’re prolly thinking. “Why sexy? March? I’m still wearing my flannels, for God’s sakes. W.T.H. is sexy about THAT?”

True, true. I am sure it will take a lawnmower/chainsaw to remove the fur mat on your legs to get them all soft ‘n touchable again by anyone but yourself. But really, girls. SHOULD we have allowed the underarms and gams to GET all Magilla Gorilla-y?  Think of it. What would you have done if you, somehow, accidently, HAD the kind of date over the cold months that required—smooth legs?  You never know. It COULD have materialised! We must not give up on’er, after all!  “Stranger things have happened” and all that good stuff.

Also–re the flannel P.J. thingy.

Before the end of the lion-lamb, Ides of month you might well be throwing open you windows to smell the fresh air –and hear the birdies. No flannels required.

SO, Holy Doodles. It’s about frigging TIME, wouldn’t you say. Time to shake off these winter blues and get the hell ON WITH IT!

Life, that is.

Time to join all those other gals who are ‘embracing their singleton status.”

As well. Pishaw on allowing ‘’I’m damn lonely!” thoughts to drift in the mind—like, 24/7. Time to charge right out there and take the world by storm alone and be frigging happy I’m alive to DO so! (God, let me get my tights and track pants and layers on, will yuh, before I charge out into said world!)

After ALL, I have been deemed the Sensual Senior by out hostess here on this Pammyland page. I suppose I had better live UP to that title with my encouraging actions as well as words, yes?

To that end, I’m toying with the grand step of a —wait for it—PEDICURE!

I’m also toying with a few new pieces in my old-gal wardrobe—like skinny jeans and fringed booths.

The stores are all a-bursting with Easter Egg colours so \i’m also toying with a sweet wrap around , vintage style dress so—-

Ya..I think I shall…..

Am toting with a bold move, as well. In mid-month when the Ides of March are all over and the 17th hits and it’s all Leprechaun-y and green beer-y, I shall go get tipsy. I a BAR!  With PEOPLE!

Also–some little known and possibly obscure March-y factoids..

Andddddddddddd March Women’s History Month, but it’s also American Red Cross Month and Fire Prevention Month. Other popular holidays are Read Across America (March 2, which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday), Pi Day (March 14), Daylights Saving Day, Purim, and sometimes Easter even happens during the month.

Andddddddddddd March 25, 2009. Lady Day, the old New Year’s Day. Today, 25 March, is Lady Day, another name for the Christian Feast of the Annunciation, which marks the day the Angel Gabriel revealed to the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary is the Lady in the name of the day.

Anndd–My friend Pammy has TWO of her three born in March. And the birthstone for both March stones stand for courage. I asked her and she said—yep-both her Pisceans were very courageous!!!. The gems are aquamarine and bloodstone.

Anddddd..because this is March 1st–in it’s honour—In the US, March 1 is National Pig Day. It is also Share A Smile Day and Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.

As Pammy often says—TADA!!!

Bet’cha didn’t know all this stuff, did’ja..Huh? Huh? Huh?

See. March IS SEXY!!

Checking out now to go buy some Lady Schick—and maybe a three month supply of those new-fangled pink libido pills???






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