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Mature woman and dating sites-revisited-Interview with God #1

Weekly Bluster-Pammyland Observations ‘n rants; in conversation with God.

This week’s Topic—The Mature woman and dating sites…

Interview #01

{God}-SOOOO, Pamela…I saw you struggling over this hot topic. Seems you’re tired of the system?

{Pamela}—TIRED? TIRED You ask?

God! I gotta admit. I’m like—almost ready to throw in the towel! I’m DOG-tired. Kaput! Fatigued. POOPED. It’s flippin’ EXHAUSTING, this up and down, this round and round dance we do on POFF-as old hands call it– and Cupid and Match. The dot.coms are making me DOTTY! Far from calm. Like CHA!!!

{God}—In what way? Explain, please.

{Pamela}-As IF You don’t know. Like, Oh for God’s sakes, God! (Sorry, I don’t mean that disrespectfully!)

Where do these people COME from? There are THOUSANDS and thousands of grey haired (lots of comb-overs, shaved-baldies and such) Boomer-type, Harley-driving-IT specialist-classic hit lovin’ guys just standin’ on the wall waiting for some amazzzzzzzzzzzzzinggg tight-assed, long-legged, gleaming white teeth-ed (all hers, of course) , sexy Grammy, tennis playing flush chick to cross the floor and find out how spectacular he is. All of them sure and surely that she must be—FIT. Yeah, I said it again. The fit part. Cause of COURSE he looks like Cary—oh, sorry HUGH Grant hisself, so it’s only fitting, after all!

{God}.OO..You sound a mite—terse! With a hint of frustration.

{Pamela} Well, would Yuh BLAME ME?

Granted…I have been LUCKY. It’s been pretty tame in the –‘let’s flatten Pammy with insults’ department. Only ONE guy called me a ‘useless old slut.” ‘MAGINE, God!! ME! The proverbial professional LADY who does NOT DO THE CASUAL horizontal mumbo that accordingly goes on like crazy on these sites. SCHEEEEEEZZZZ Louise! My face BURNED when I read that thing the 450 pound man called me when I didn’t IMMEDIATELY ring his bell when he sent me a PM that I didn’t ask for! !!! Like OMG!! Oh—sorry. It’s force‘o habit..the OMG thingy.

Honestly, though…in all seriousness and so I don’t dis the males of the exchange—in the 4 years I have been dabbling in this emotional rollercoaster, 98% of the gents have been, well….gents!

{God} So, you’re telling me the exercise has been fruitful?

{Pamela} FRUITFUL?? FRUITFUL!? You’re kidding me, right? Do You see a ring on said finger, God? Is there a second pillow on my queen-sized? Is Gilbert the stuffed cat relegated to the bottom of the bed—or still my bedmate?

{God} Four no’s.

{Pamela} BINGO!

HOWEVER—I am my worst enemy—Do You notice I am still-cringingly–ON them? The dating sites.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I am TRYING to phase them out to find other sources of “My Princes.”….but stillll hanging on—just-in-case. Every time I answer a ‘’reply’’or ‘flirt’ or an ‘XXX wants to meet you’…. every time I OPEN THE FILE I FEEL LIKE I’m a 300 pound woman in the drive-through. Like “W.T.F. am I doing here?”” as I wait for the server to come on, impatiently! I can sooo relate.

{God} Yes. I have watched you struggle with yourself. Many times now. Then the result. I have sent an Angel to you more than once. More that thrice. More tha……well, you get the picture, Pamela.

{Pamela} PICTURE!?? Yep..another whole issue..The picture snafu, switheroo. We won’t GO there!!

Now, God, I want You to understand here. It’s NOT that there hasn’t been interest—and yes..my pictures are all up to date buttttt….I hedged a weeeeeeeeee tiny bit about my age—knowing the big 60 was gonna be a probs….IT was..but I’ll get to that in a minute..

{God} 60? You mean age 60? Hmm? Why is that?

{Pamela} You asking ME that? Ask the men—who all –no—that’s not fair at all—MANY want nubile, taut n tanned, professional 40 year old girls, the old farts!!!

I see it over and over on their profiles in the “What I am looking for “ section. SO often. Hmmm. Wonder what their native name would translate to? “Man-of-few-words-but-long lists”

Anyvays, when a gal hits that magic 60-you’re dead in duh watah! OVERNIGHT!

{God}-Yes, it is a dilemma. I watch. All these lonely males. And all these lonely females. To a human, having to learn new rules of engagement. MUCH different from decades ago when the genders had very specific roles and goals.

{Pamela} WORD! It IS a dilemma. It’s like we are not ourselves. Yes! Acting a ROLE!! You got it! That’s IT! EVERYONE acting unnaturally! Men and women alike! I LOVE men. I ADORE men. It has taken me a long time to get there but it is what it is.

But they are like flippin ALIENS now, these single men!! And they are so CARELESS with our HEARTS! I suppose that’s no different from when they–well, WE were younger—but they seem so—CARELESS!! Granted, I have heard that from MEN too! About WOMEN! The ones I get to SPEAK to beyond a hello, I mean, now that I am above 60.

{God} That’s big of you to realize it is a two way street, Pamela.

{Pamela} Sighhhh…But it is..a two way street, I mean. I am only on a rant but I’m not stupid. I see stuff..and you know I KNOW things.

Cause—seriously… there are the sweethearts. MANY more of them than the—others. The romantic adventurers with their OWN taut bodies and flashing smiles and all that hair. Or a bit solid and a bit balding but charming and sweet as hell!

BOYS they stand out! They are GLARINGLY obvious—and inundated. Takes weeks for them to reply to a flirt sometimes, they are THAT busy with ‘hits.’

And—as You have seen happen–sometimes—too often to be serendipity, those sizzlin’ hot ones JUST hooked up with their dream-girl the past weekend when they finally come on and say they “”LOVED my profile—best one they ever read—and what a shame..””” SIGHHH.

{God} Sighhhh

{Pamela} So, let’s get to the nitty gritty—The question on everyone’s minds.

Yeppers. I could have had HUNDREDS of once-in-a life-time swept-away sensual experiences and crashing harlequinesque moments—according to countless Tom, Dicks and Harrys—lolol (Get it—lolo Toms, Dicks and—oh never mind)… (EXCEPTING the ONE Harry I actually dated. WHAT A PRINCE!! Sad our chemistry didn’t mix. I so wish him the best and love him to Pieces!)

THAT aside—-It is SOOO frustrating the number of times I finally get to a conversation with a gent—and within 8 exchanges it comes down to—“Let’s get physical!”.. NOPE!!!

Question #2 Yeppers..I have real-dated (beyond a fly into Tims and gulp down a scalding small double double) about a dozen fine upstanding men from the sites over the 4 years. Two became relationships—One for 3 months. One for 8. ALL of these beautiful men are my dear friends and protectors and allies, wishing me the best in finding My Prince.

{God} Yes, Pammy. I watched it happen. Twice. And know you still suffer those losses greatly. I am sorry.

{Pamela} What can you do? Life happens. And I guess I wasn’t enough in whatever way I wasn’t enough. SO—I shall now bow myself out of this conversation this week…..and accept it as it is. With gratitude for what has come of this –THUS FAR, God. I thankEE for the kindness!!

Bottom line. I have faith in the positive in all things. I have tenacity in all things. I have focus. I have intent. I have an open, happy heart that I wish to be warmed and tended with love. It is that simple.

{God} I shall make it so.

{Pamela} Onwards……….

{God} Don’t forget to TWEET your Us and share the news @BoomerNovel!!!

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