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Following Pammy’s heart to Nova Scotia

Oh my! What a bad representative of we Mature Single Ladies I am!
My alter ego and owner of this Author’s website, Pammy, has been swept up in life since my last blog in March, as have I.
Did yuh miss me??
She has deemed me an interview so I have fodder for this blog. I’ll be using her and HER destination as an example of what we Golden Girls and sometimes Boys do for fun-in-the-summertime.
So as you don’t think my blogging is biased, I wish to warn you that, in my daily gad-abouts I’m more likely to be yakking with the female persuasion to keep my ear to the ground as to what’s happening in our world today, so you will see us gals represented more fully than you gents as you read the latest episode. Started in June, finished in AUGUST.
EGADS! Life DOES get in the way..
As for Pammy, thank GOODNESS she has not given me my pink slip or golden parachute (as if!) for not doing my job of posting Monthly, as the title of the page suggests. After all, I LOVE writing stuff- about-how-I-feel-about-daily-life-as-a sensual-senior thingy and would hate to lose the chance to do so because this lady is slacking off!!
SO, as she says so often in her daily word smithing….
My topic this month?
A-Following your kids to the end of the earth. Or, in Pammy’s case, only 1800 kilometres.
B-Her destination for the summer and fall of 2017. Which happens to be her beloved NOVA SCOTIA.
Canada’s Ocean Playground.
A place of magical, musical, beautiful splendour. A place settled way back 1605. A place of 13,300 kilometers of coastline. A place where, once you’ve been, you are ALWAYS drawn back. There is something about Nova Scotia!
Heck, even Carley Simon sings of this beautiful province in ‘You’re so vain.”

C. The challenge of DATING in said, N.S.
KK, so let’s deal firstly with A; following the offspring and THEIR offspring all over hell’s half acre.
Heck, it’s hard enough to get their attention for five frigging minutes when they live next DOOR, never mind off in Thailand or Costa Rica on some job. So the question remains –“Why do we DO this A part?” But, I digress.
Fact is—we plan this elaborate scheme after taking ourselves off the volunteers roster (or Tim’ or Wally’s greeter jobs) load our grey haired (or died or bald for the guys) selves up, drop off our pets to out bestie who happens to be home this year, and spend our pensions on fuel, Via Rail senior economy tickets or maybe even a plane fare. Return, of course.
After all. They NEED us there. Right? Righht? RIGHT?????
Next factor in this whole topic is–how far can out pennies take us?
Yes, there ARE some kidlets who gladly pay the nut for Grams—but—not many. It seems to fall on us. But it is SO worth it. Right? RIGHT???
So off we go. In Pammy’s case—EAST.
Maybe you have already deduced this if you follow me here on Pammyland but I, me, Naomee the Sensual Senior happens to be a lady of infinite curiosity and have NO shame when it comes to yakking with the lady in the lineup at Sobeys or the guy pumping gas at Petro Can. So, to prepare for this latest ditty (wow, it’s blog #21 already!) I have done a causal unofficial survey on the travel thing. (Do you go to YOUR grandkids/kids for vacations? And, have you ever been ‘’down home” to the east?)
If yes and yes, so what’s the draw, according to Pammy and a few handfuls of peeps I have come right out and asked?
B-Let’s START with the music. Google or ask Siri about a tiny region that has so much world renowned music that it even has its own East Coast Music Awards. Well, in truth it’s not just Nova Scotia but still…….
Music, in particular Celtic music is a huge part of the warp and weft of blue tartan fabric of this Ocean Playground. It was the launching pad for home-grown celebrities like the Rankin Family, Sarah McLaughlin and the The Barra MacNeils..
Then there is the terrain.
Rugged, rocky. And then there is Peggy’s Cove where, coming up to this most photographed tiny fishing village in the universe you see boulders balanced upon tiny stones-left behind by a passing glacier many thousands of years ago..
So the landscape battles for the 13,000 klicks of coastline for supremacy of awesomeness.
To top off all this jaw-dropping eye-candy, there is the environs of city, town, hamlet that are downright breathtaking.
From the world class Halifax to regions like ‘The Valley” and “The South/Eastern Shores” the list goes on. Then the VERY Maritimey towns like Yarmouth and Pictou. And Digby where they offload the famous (and very expensive) Digby Scallops.
And then there is the magnificent Cabot Trail with its tiny highways overlooking ocean at every twist and turn. Those thoroughfares, roads hugging towering hills and tree covered mini-mountains, have been used ad nauseum for commercials shown around the world. Mostly car ads.
According to Pammy, who has driven the Trail many times over her decades living in Nova Scotia, it’s not surprising to see eagles soaring over the shorelines looking for saltwater nibbles or moose standing in marshland, munching on water lilies, calm and serene in their majesty.
SO—sounds reasonable to me that any human would be drawn to the tides and lands of New Scotland.
On to point C.
Dating in Nova Scotia for Mature Ladies.
It’s impossible.
There ain’t no men available.
In conversations Pammy has had with local peers, the scuttlebutt seems to be “”Have you noticed how the men on the coast age faster and more visibly than we women? And that we can get it on til we are 90..The fellas—not so much..” Oohhhmmmmm…
On to the next Monthly Bluster which will concentrate on the daunting but unmistakeable positivity of being sick once you hit 60..
The issue in that blog?
Being sick and ALONE….
As Pammyy would say..

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