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Boomers vs Millennials- A LOT scarier than Mars vs Venus

Naomee The Sensual Senior
Monthly Bluster #25
Hashtag? Hashtag? What the HECK is a hashtag, anyway?

Hey there, strangers. Where have you been for 7 months?
OK, ok. I admit it. I’m the guilty party, 100%. As the old song goes, life got in the way. There IS a song of that title, isn’t there?
I digress.
I’m Naomee. The sensual Senior. Pammy’s alter ego. And, by the way, Pammy is soooo on the same friggin’ page re the subject of my latest blog. Like WTH? Hashtag? On Trend? A.I? Boomers are dinosaurs? Oh, right. That’s another topic altogether, which I’ll address in a minute.
F.Y.I. (an old fashioned hashtagy way of saying something. Similar to L.O.L or OMG!) I’m not hitting on the Sensual cylinder this episode of the “Monthly” Bluster so if you’re here for the juicy, you should maybe click on your next website you follow for the latest news on dildos or the next 50 shades of whatever.
I am soooo distracted right now I can’t even stay on topic. I’ll chock it up to… Summertime easy livin’ syndrome.
So. Re Pammy and her shared with me # confusion.
It IS true she wrote a 1,000,000 word manuscript called the Holy snappin’! series, the first of the group being published already. Well reviewed and received, too, was Call me J! My point is, she used a word processor for the four years straight it took to write said novels. And, since she, like me, has no idea how to operate her tv remote, she STILL has no idea how to use the word processor she wrote the series on. It was an accidental success. There are headings like Format painter, Set as Default and Resume Assistant for gosh sakes! Heck. She didn’t even know she HAD an assistant on her word processor.
I watched her.
She was TERRIFIED to click on ONE icon across the top banner in fear she would jump off the page she was editing or drafting and never get back to square one. Like me here right now using MY word processor to write this sucker for you all! I MISS my good old electric typewriter with the tabs and what I thought were very nifty and fancy technical sounds at the time. SUCH an innovation. I felt right uppity when I sped through the paragraphs!
And now we have—hashtags? And Twitter, LinkedIn and such where if someone ‘goes off the grid’ and paints their lips with eyeliner and ‘uploads’ that ‘image’ and sends the ‘file’ to Instagram (Facebook now being passe` ) on a whim, and gets 2 billion ‘hits’ in 5 minutes, they could be an instant and famous millionaire that gets to perform on Dancing with the Stars beside fellow “heroes” like, say, Olympians who worked 20 years to get the gold.
And then there’s people like the Kardashian who are a family of billionaires who got that way from the incredibly hard work of — talking about—nothing.
Ok. I’m exhausted just typing about it and need my afternoon nap so I must close off my rant on a more serious note.
The newest and most dire trend is NOT about hashtags, the instant mega-rich or live for TODAY but instead is about a scary trend featured in a few odd surveys here and there like the one featured on The title—The Survey Results Are In:Millennials Hate Boomers.
My latest conversation with a middle generation 42 old shocked the pants off me.
I don’t know why because I had heard it before. Basically…Folks actually SAY things like “Old people gotta go. When those dinosaurs die off our world will be better.”
WTWHAT, people? I’m fringing on 70. That generation, or more the people thinking and voicing this statement believe I (and my peers) have overstayed my welcome here by 4 years?
From a post Pammy wrote on her FB page…
In conversation with a 45 year old–and it is FAR from the first time I have heard that this and more creepy stuff is bantered about pretty well verbatim at bars and around water coolers.. Where “young’ people congregate. Old being—-above 65 by the way,. And how do I know this, you might ask? Because I SAID to the third or fourth person I heard this from–And what age do you consider old? It’s pretty consistently–upon retirement–65..If you are shocked and don’t believe me that this is a common thread amongst that demographic..ask Google or whatever source you wish what millennials and up to age–say 45— think of Boomers.
May I wish you MUCH more than enough until…Next time..Naomee..

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  • Reply shane August 24, 2018 at 7:24 am

    We raised the rile of convention making media imposition. This is a message propagated by marketers and advertisers because most people over 60 can be pushed around. Massive institutional interference with natural life like education, the health system that turns doctors into drug dealers, teachers into babysitters spread fear and false information. Bullying begins with teachers. Politicians who know nothing about the issue they are dealing with, vying for photo and sound bite opportunities; relying on hacks with agendas to get elected.

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