Medicine vs food. A boomer’s dilemma.

This image is a cliche-by-sketch. Stark Truth set down in a profound way.
God forbid you should age and get sick and need medicines–Hmm—food or the pills I need to keep alive or not bedridden to EAT that food. (never mind other stuff like braces, bandages, strips for testing, etc.)
Oh, wait! Is that not a given that our bodies get sick as we age??
Same goes for oral care..
Government considers mouth appliances to be ‘cosmetic’..
Soo—– we get to eat soft foods as our teeth slowly fall out and we get to look like we did up until we were 7 months old—toothless.
OR–take our pension food money to NOT be toothless..
This whole scenario is DOUBLY difficult as a single. Trust me.
Just sayin’….

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