Love what you do or don’t do it at all!!

Evening, dear friends and family!!! Hope you winding down the weekend excited about your what the week may bring…and that you will hop outta the sack Monday morning with something brewing on your mind about your job, making your heart stir and bringing a smile to your face..:)
…ain’t nuthin’ to make us nervous about the day, otherwise, cause winter driving is not upon us , thank GOD!
I’m starting back to work shortly–not for the love or passion for the job–but because I have to.
I hope that changes sometime in the future–sooner than later..
I LOVED my working life before I retired to write my novels. I hope to again..
We spend half our lives in our workplace..
Steve Jobs said it bang on..life goes BY fast!
Ask me..
I will be 69 in a couple weeks. I was 44–yesterday.
As the golden here, may i suggest a thing I learned way back?….
Don’t waste months, days, heck MINUTES if your job makes your stomach twist in knots..if it doesn’t allow your creative juices to flow or stops you from GROWING as a person…
May I suggest an exercise to help you make the change if this is where you are right now?
Think of your job as the one your CHILD has ..would you want your CHILD to live like that day in day out, year in years out???..It is like a toxic relationship, after all, oui??
Of COURSE you don’t want your beloved to suffer– so of COURSE you would encourage your kidlet to get outta there A-sap..
SOOOOO–are YOU not just as important as your offspring????
Think about it—KK??

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