Let your inner Gypsy out!!!

ADMIT IT….Sometimes you think it..Don’ch’a?? And guess what…You CAN be as free as you allow yourself to be. Honest!
My entire life I was a driven business woman, .Professional to the max for those who knew me in real-time. But, luckily, I can also attach entrepreneur to my name which allowed me to be a pioneer of sort in whatever way I was willing to risk, WORK MY PATOOTIE OFF and have faith–And you can TOO!
It’s all a choice, after all….TRUTH!
I now choose to be a free spirit–
Sometimes it raises eyebrows..
Many times I’m judged for it cause I’m a SENIOR , after all!!! And, as a senior, I should practice decorum and fit in the mold folks think ‘old people’ should fit in..
But then–I often feel all–BETTY WHITEY!! and EVERYBODY loves Betty White!!
And it feels GREAT!!!
Join me.and if you got a long way to go before you can–PLAN TO..
Get up each day and be grateful you did with all your facilities –and plan to be simply —happy..For one more day.It’s that simple….:))))))

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