Lessons From My Mother

Never hesitate in life

I never really realized it before but my mother was an amazing philosopher. She was ‘just a little farm wife” raising her 6 kids, jobs on the side as she looked after her brood. The classic mother-female of the 50s and 60’s.

But, as she was busy just being her, Mom talked to me–she looked at me and loved me and talked to me, even when I was in my tender years. I began to pay attention when I was in my 7th year. And I remember..

One of the hundreds of infinite number of little nuggets she imparted to me as this kid was that, in years to come when I grew up, I should never, EVER hesitate in life–

I can see her now as she said ‘You’ll understand when the time comes, Pammy.” And then that Mona Lisa smile came to her lips as she touched my face with gentle fingertips.

She also said that, when I felt a burning inside and a need for something defined, I should start planning that SECOND how I was going to make that happen. And to not GIVE UP ON IT until it happened.

She also stressed that I should NEVER put things off—to not ”wait for the right time’… For that time would NEVER come.

I believed in my mother more than any other soul…and since I was a young adult I have ALWAYS gone and sought out what I needed when there was a hole in my heart–and I needed love to fill it up…or if i needed to change a job–or was just missing—something. Once defined..well, there was no stopping me.  Because of her.

With her gentle, persistence teachings I learned how to implement the solution to these cravings, starting with recognition that I was pining for a thing—recognition that I had a need. From there I learned to have intent–then focus–then just GOING for it-be it job-love–life—

It is not always easy–but it is what we must do sometimes to fill those gaps in life. Those holes in our being.

Take risks. Take chances.

We must be fearless and fierce and put ourselves out there, to the end, if we wish to LIVE life large rather than simply existing, surviving each day, then finally going to our grave with regret.

Onwards…..Always onwards…

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