Lessons From My Mother

I was a Grasshopper..and my Momma told me—–

When i was a little girl I was a Grasshopper to my Momma..She spoke to me all the tine and I listened..Right up until i was a mid teen–
The first gift she bestowed upon me was the love of words–and books,,and writing down my thoughts every day..and she always spoke to me–when i was reading…or writing..
She told me in words I could understand, even as a mere kid of 7 when i began to remember that..
Every day she taught me what to expect from life–IF I only allowed myself to live it fully..Which I do.
My Momma told me that —
Life is a beautiful thing–that there is magic and miracles all around us–if we only open our hearts to it..and listen–watch–taste-feel..smell..and realize then what a gift we had in all the love around us, too. And be grateful EVERY day with the gifts bestowed upon us..And I am

She told be to always love the sound of music and the feeling of how it made me feel when i danced to it–or just took it in my heart when I was sad or scared or lonely. So now I dance.
She told me to never be afraid to try new things like new food and new places and to always surround myself with things that made me feel good-no matter what other people though of what it was that i MYSELF like to surround myself with…So I do.
And she told me to me tough and strong and fierce and unafraid of changes and upsets . for they would surely come..
And she told me that 99% of the time–when things looked at their worst in life-there was ALWAYS a silver lining-and that things DID happen for a reason..
And I believed her then–and believe her now.
So–I will not freak at my car dying and the health situation I face..
I will say instead–
ok–what good thing IS going to happen to me now because of this..and trust that it IS going to happen..
TY Momma for being you…I love you and miss you..

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