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Once in a lifetime!!!!

11709644_10153511635931081_7588659168675634163_nOnce in a lifetime!!!
I am absolutely gob-smacked at the Opening Ceremonies (rehearsal) last night (July 9-2015)at the Skydome in downtown Toronto (home of the Blue Jays) that Gerald graciously invited me to..
His daughter was/is one of 8 torch bearers at last night’s closing ceremonies at the end of the show–that lit the flame for this 17th Pan Am games…and she gave him 2 tickets as a family member -and he chose me for the second ticket!!
His girl Opal is one of the 23, 000=yes–twenty-three THOUSAND volunteers who were/are instrumental in this extraordiantry event coming to fruition..

Ist pic is of the ticket–second if ipanamgames 006panamgames 009panamgames 018s the Skydome seats–one section-third is the Cirque du soleil first performance and the last is the Athletes entering the arena..Could get zoom working on my new phone–Cha!

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