I’ll do it ..Tomorrow…

I was up at 6 am for some reason..I suppose it is knowing I will be moving away from my daughter and granddaughters soon and I wanted to not waste time sleeping but instead hear them breathing–FEEL themclose by–savour every precious moment with blood of my blood.And then…
Before you know it, winter will have been struggled through for us all and summer shall return and we will look back..

I wrote this poem this day last year when I decided that I would not fritter away one, single precious moment for, yes, they ARE irretrievable, once lost; opportunities out the window. It matters not what the opportunities were-be they workplace, travel, family, fulfilling a dream to build something, write something, create something from zero to reality..
What matters is when we don’t dooooo what we had intended to do. We HAD all the intent in the world but did not focus–did not manifest. And, worse. We accepted it as O.K. That NEXT year it will happen..NOT!!!
The time is NOW to decide that this will be the year it will not tick away.  To be firm with yourself.  Decisive. Then tenacious. Bulldoggish. MAD as HELL at you for allowing it to creep into your demeanour. over the years like a snake in the grass.
This will be the year that the patterns of “I’ll do it when the time is right” be left behind for TODAY is the right time..
Wanna Join me?
“Lost Moments-irretrievable.”

It’s ticking—

I have already lost
many moments in
this half-decade year
that I couldn’t count as
hashtag moments.

Time is ticking

as I whiled away, all lazy inside..
all complacent and full
of procrastinations we all
fall into when winter descends,
excuses more likely to puff from my lips
than proclamations of

Time is ticking
and my bucket list stays empty
of fulfilled dreams, wants
wishes; impossible as they may be.
But, surely, will never be filled,
as time is ticking..

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