Hashtag MotherMurder


Who could have known?
Who could have guessed?
Who could ever think
that the most important soul
to us ALL
would be taken in violent murder in
five days.

Who could believe, if someone said it was coming,
that the one
who we all assume will be there for us
’til our own end
will, instead, be stolen?

Wouldn’t we all pooh-pooh it if we
thought that Gramma would never again
bake her famous cookies
for your kids..
spoil them rotten with her devoted love of them?

Who could imagine she would
never again gladly provide an ear,
a non-judgemental ear for you
in the middle of the night
when you just ..needed her?

I couldn’t..

But it happened..

post script–My precious Momma was 49..I had just turned 29, 12 days before her death.

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