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GYPSY girl at a book signing!

Author’s Book Fair–Port Dover, Ontario..May 2, 2015.

What FUN this was ..

It was here this beautiful weekend in May I had the distinct pleasure of meeting  Viga Boland .

Viga is a successful memoirist who has published an extraordinary book, “No tears for my father.”

How difficult it had to be for this novel went to the core of incest, at its worst. Silly me! Incest is ALWAYS at it’s worst. I cannot imagine the lost trust this lady dealt with as a child into her young adulthood..

Many blessings came from that weekend, including the companionship of a fabulous new friend, Paul Kozak.

What also happened was  a conversation with this striking, strong and  wonderful fellow author and memoirist, Viga.

During that fun and light exchanging of ideas, Viga  gave me a business card and link to Andrew Rudd of Detail for Design. And Voila..


Onwards to serendipity–and chance encounters. WE must ALWAYS be aware and spent o all connections. We  never know where they shall lead..

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