We NEED happy to survive..Filling a hole in our heart….

CYBER HUGS going out to those within this sphere. There are no rules in dealing with grief. There are no time-clocks to punch.
There are many forms and levels of loss and many steps we must take to climb on top of the way it debilitates us in grief.
You may have lost a job–the career of your dreams. You may have had a life threatening illness that has changed your life and the way you go through it forever.
Or you may have lost a loved one–in losing a relationship–or loss of life itself.
I do believe that when we are missing those feel-good hormones that grow our hearts when we are in love or living our daily lives content and blissful in our work, we become depleted. Life itself is shortened. We NEED happy to survive.May this be the day you break through the clouds that hang over your soul and are uplifted. May it be so that those who grieve appreciate again little things like sunshine, the company of your friends, maybe even laughter… and the love of those who are there for you in your pain.

But, answer not to a single soul but yourself–and take your time.


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